Prague – Part I

I know I didn’t post all pictures of Potsdam yet, but I’m so excited about Prague that I must post a few pictures of this city now.

I was in Prague last Tuesday. What a fantastic city! I definitely must come back soon. Too bad it was extremely full of people that day, mainly at Charles Bridge, I couldn’t even take a nice picture of it. I hope next time there will be fewer people.

Anyways, let’s see a little of Prague here. What do you think? Have you ever been in Prague?







Potsdam – Part I

I’m currently on vacation and one of the destinations I chose to visit was Potsdam, here in Germany.

I was there only for one day but I really enjoyed it. Below are a few of the pictures I took during this little trip, they are from the new palace. The day was cloudy for some minutes but mostly sunny and really, really warm.

potsdam from her to eternity

I love those huge buildings and how they make me feel.

potsdam vanessa autumn

potsdam germany
potsdam blog from her to eternity

How about you, what was the last place you travelled to?

Green moments

Green is not one of the colors I like the most, but I like the mood it can bring onto pictures. It’s serene and dreamy in my opinion.

It’s been really nice to enjoy this season. The landscape and nature look beautiful. I’ve been shooting tons of photos while I also enjoy a quiet walking.